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Crossroad Publishing Company

  [Verlag Herder]

New York, NY

The Crossroad Publishing Company is a leading independent publisher with roots in the 200-year-old family heritage of the publishing house of Herder, in existence since 1798. The Crossroad Publishing Company was first developed in 1980 as an influential imprint at the Episcopal Seabury Press, and is heir to the prestigious booklists of B. Herder Book Company, founded 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri, and later Herder & Herder in New York.

Our books are consistent with basic Judeo-Christian values, advocate the dignity of life, and aim to share the rich experience of the Catholic people, their brothers, sisters, and friends around the globe and in history. Our catalog includes the most stellar writings on spiritual tradition, discipline and formation; writings in support of family life, community building and personal and professional development; and writings of academic brilliance in search of theological and mystical truth.

Date: 2006-08-01
Price: $19.95
SalesRank: 58914

Date: 2007-04-01
Price: $19.95
SalesRank: 166884

Date: 1992-09-25
Price: $15.95
SalesRank: 331476

Date: 1992-08-26
SalesRank: 501999

Date: 1991-09-25
SalesRank: 873450

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