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Bancroft Press

P.O. Box 65360
Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone: 410-358-0658

Bancroft Press is an Independent Publisher with over 20 years in print. We publish what we love.

Virtually every genre is represented by one of our fine authors; this is owed to their individual ability to tell a good story. From classic literature to political memoirs, from illustrated picture books to gripping suspense thrillers - the key is in the quality.

Date: 2017-09-01
Price: $26.95
SalesRank: 65265

Date: 2016-10-06
Price: $15.95
SalesRank: 242765

Date: 2007-11-07
Price: $14.95
SalesRank: 1267054

Date: 2012-07-01
Price: $22.99
SalesRank: 982565

Date: 2011-08-15
Price: $14.95
SalesRank: 1418121

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