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Canadian Book Fairs and Literary Festivals

Ad Astra
Ad Astra is a weekend-long, science fiction, fantasy and horror event with a focus on authors and other creative professionals, held annually in ...
Toronto, ON
Starts: 2019-07-12   [Read More]

Atlantic Book Festival
The festival runs for a full week, with events throughout the Atlantic region. A gala is held the final day of the festival where the Atlantic Bo...
Moncton, NB
Starts: 2018-05-03   [Read More]

Blue Metropolis Montreal Literary Festival
Blue Metropolis Foundation is a not-for-profit and charitable organization founded in 1997 that brings together people from different cultures to...
Montreal, PQ
Starts: 2019-05-02   [Read More]

Cascadia Poetry Festival
The Cascadia Poetry Festival is an international event which seeks to bioregionally animate & culturally construct Cascadia by gathering writers,...
Nanaimo, BC
Starts: 2019-05-09   [Read More]

Edmonton Poetry Festival
The Edmonton Poetry Festival is staged annually in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hundreds of word artists from Edmonton and across the country come ...
Edmonton, AB
Starts: 2019-04-22   [Read More]

Forest of Reading Festival of Trees
The Ontario Library Association's (OLA) Forest of Reading and the Festival of Trees™ occupy places of prominence in Canada’s literary landsca...
Toronto, ON
Starts: 2019-05-08   [Read More]

Frye Festival
The Frye Festival is Canada's only bilingual international literary festival and the largest literary event in Atlantic Canada. The Frye Festival...
Moncton, NB
Starts: 2019-04-27   [Read More]

Galiano Island Literary Festival
An intimate literary festival on a beautiful Galiano Island....
Galiano Island, BC
Starts: 2019-02-22   [Read More]

gritLIT - Hamilton's Readers and Writers Festival
gritLIT was established in November, 2004, by Hamilton writer and writing teacher Krista Foss. It started as a small, intimate festival, with rea...
Hamilton, ON
Starts: 2019-04-11   [Read More]

Kingston WritersFest
Kingston WritersFest, a charitable cultural organization, brings the best of contemporary writers to Kingston to interact with audiences and othe...
Kingston, ON
Starts: 2018-09-26   [Read More]

North Shore Writers Festival
The North Shore Writers Festival is a celebration of Canadian authors brought to you by Vancouver’s North Shore public libraries – North Vanc...
Vancouver, BC
Starts: 2019-04-05   [Read More]

Ottawa International Writers Festival (Fall)
Ottawa's Festival of Ideas since 1997. We believe that a love of reading and learning should be nurtured throughout our lives and that literacy i...
Ottawa, ON
Starts: 2019-05-02   [Read More]

Ottawa International Writers Festival (Spring)
Ottawa's Festival of Ideas since 1997. We believe that a love of reading and learning should be nurtured throughout our lives and that literacy i...
Ottawa, ON
Starts: 2019-05-02   [Read More]

Prairie Comics Market
Prairie Comics Market is a free to attend one-day market in Winnipeg celebrating the best in comics creation on the prairies! This market will...
Winnipeg, MB
Starts: 2018-05-05   [Read More]

SFContario's program will focus on content - science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, books, television, and other media, the art a...
Toronto, ON
Starts: 2018-11-16   [Read More]

Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts
Join Canada's longest running summer gathering of Canadian writers and readers, featuring established literary stars and exciting, new voices… ...
Sechelt, BC
Starts: 2018-08-16   [Read More]

Vancouver Writers Fest
The Vancouver Writers Fest turns reading into a community experience, bringing people together to share thoughts, explore ideas, and witness bril...
Vancouver, BC
Starts: 2019-10-21   [Read More]

Verses Festival of Words
The mission of the Verses Festival of Words is to celebrate the transformative power of words – written, spoken or sung; to engage diverse grou...
Vancouver, BC
Starts: 2019-04-25   [Read More]

When Words Collide
When Words Collide is an annual non-profit festival designed to bring readers and writers together in a celebration of the written word. Up to 10...
Calgary, AB
Starts: 2019-08-09   [Read More]

Whistler Writers Festival
This is an annual event in Whistler, which WWS started in 2002. It is a multi-venue, multi-artist, multi-day event. The program includes short se...
Whistler, BC
Starts: 2019-10-17   [Read More]

Word on the Lake Writers Festival
A major literary event bringing together writers, readers, editors and publishers in an exciting & stimulating three day festival....
Salmon Arm, BC
Starts: 2020-05-08   [Read More]

Word on the Street Book Fair Toronto
The Word On The Street is a national celebration of literacy and the written word. Each September, in communities coast to coast, the public is i...
Toronto, ON
Starts: 2018-09-22   [Read More]