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Fernwood Publishing

32 Oceanvista Lane
Black Point, NS
Phone: (204) 474-2958
Fax: (204) 475-2813

Fernwood Publishing produces critical non-fiction that inform, enlighten and challenge readers. As a book publisher, our goals are not merely economic, but also political. In confronting issues of race, class, gender and sexuality in the books that we publish, it is our hope that we can be part of the process of change. We also aim to provide authentic opportunities to first time authors and to groups who are often silent or silenced in today’s media. We are not afraid to take risks in this regard and, because of our confidence in the quality of the work we choose to publish, many of our first time authors remain with us throughout their publishing career.

Date: 2019-04-29
Price: $25.00
SalesRank: 500728

Date: 2017-01-02
Price: $25.00
SalesRank: 863256

Date: 2018-10-01
Price: $20.00
SalesRank: 1554527

Date: 2017-05-01
Price: $25.00
SalesRank: 1327019

Date: 2013-08-15
Price: $29.95
SalesRank: 1538733

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