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Walker Books Australia

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Walker Books Australia has been bringing the best of children's publishing to Australian children for over 20 years and is recognised as a market leader in quality children's books, publishing award-winning authors and illustrators. The company is dedicated to publishing books of unwavering quality for children and young adults to read and treasure. Equally, Walker Books Australia is passionate about the Australian Children's book industry and renowned as a haven for the most highly talented authors and illustrators, both emerging and award-winning. Walker Books Australia is proud to be the home of Black Dog Books, an award-winning imprint with a reputation for publishing some of Australia's finest writers including Carole Wilkinson, Sue Lawson and Suzy Zail.


Locked Bag 22
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: +61 2 9517 9577
Fax: +61 2 9517 9997

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ISBN: 1922179213

SalesRank: 697871

ISBN: 1925126773

SalesRank: 667515

ISBN: 1925126765

SalesRank: 690373

ISBN: 1921977728

SalesRank: 603476

ISBN: 1921150653

SalesRank: 1287540

ISBN: 1921720794

SalesRank: 886794

ISBN: 1760652954

SalesRank: 1232982

ISBN: 1925381684

SalesRank: 3072255

ISBN: 1925381978


ISBN: 1925381137

SalesRank: 2531219

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