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Science Curriculum Inc

200 Union Blvd # G18
Lakewood, CO
Phone: (303) 988-5041

SCI is an educational publishing company dedicated to creating high-quality middle school and high school science programs. Our textbooks are recognized leaders in experimentally-based, hands-on physical science instruction. In our programs, students learn by doing science experiments, compiling data, discussing results, and drawing conclusions based on their experimental data.

Date: 1999-01
Price: $55.95
SalesRank: 1508368

Date: 2002-07
Price: $39.95
SalesRank: 3533194

Date: 1994-03
Price: $55.95
SalesRank: 5374317

Date: 2005-04-30
Price: $42.00
SalesRank: 2482610

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