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Findhorn Press is an independent publishing house in northeast Scotland which offers books, sets of cards, cds and dvds that cover a wide range of 'mind-body-spirit' topics such as nature, spirituality, alternative health (for both people and for animals), self-help, etc. We publish under 3 different 'imprints': Findhorn, Camino Guides (which focuses on guidebooks for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela) and Earthdancer (holistic, mostly crystal, healing, and the nature/angelic kingdoms).


Delft Cottage

Forres , Scotland IV36 2TF

Phone: +44-1309-690582
Fax: +44-131-777-2711

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ISBN: 1844096890

SalesRank: 13061

ISBN: 1644111896

SalesRank: 270023

ISBN: 1844091414

SalesRank: 134322

ISBN: 1844095436

SalesRank: 102240

ISBN: 1644114763

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SalesRank: 295991

ISBN: 1644112787

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SalesRank: 247197

ISBN: 1844096386

SalesRank: 213882

ISBN: 1644111098

SalesRank: 103578

ISBN: 1844094642

SalesRank: 164739

ISBN: 1844095630

SalesRank: 348790

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