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Company's Coming Pub

  [Lone Pine Publishing]

2311 - 96 Street
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-450-6223
Fax: 780-450-1857

Company's Coming is the publisher of Canada's most popular cookbooks and now publishes a series of craft books and organizers. Founded in 1981, the Company's Coming series comprises over 200 cookbooks, each on a single subject. It was acquired by Lone Pine Publishing in 2011.

ISBN: 1895455308

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 361634

ISBN: 0969069529

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 944476

ISBN: 1895455278

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 2288526

ISBN: 0969069596

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 2386772

ISBN: 096933222X

SalesRank: 2167908

ISBN: 1896891144

SalesRank: 2692666

ISBN: 1895455855

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 2413932

ISBN: 0969332262

SalesRank: 2484870

ISBN: 1895455448

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 3099279

ISBN: 0969069510

SalesRank: 484816

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