Book Publishers in Arkansas

Annotated list of book publishers in Arkansas.

Concerned Communications

Publishers of Educational Resources that meaningfully incorporate Scripture Values and provide options for Differentiated Instruction.

    Siloam Springs, AR   US


Co-founded by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, FamilyLif's mission is to change the world one home at a time by building healthier marriages and families through the practical application of time-tested techniques and teachings based on biblical principles.

    Little Rock, AR   US

Limbertwig Press

Limbertwig Press publishes booklets to help hospices support, comfort and empower the families and patients in their care. Each is written by a hospice nurse or social worker who has years of hospice experience and is active in clinical work today. The information is what patients and family-caregivers need to face end of life issues and caregiving challenges feeling more confident and prepared.

    Fayetteville, AR   US

New Leaf Press

A non-denominational publishing house publishing Christian fiction and non-fiction.

    Green Forest, AR   US

Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc

Ozark Mountain Publishing publishes non-fiction metaphysical and spiritual books.

    Huntsville, AR   US

Parkhurst Brothers Publishers

Publishes books about national and international policy in a series called "Our National Conversation."

    Little Rock, AR   US

Pleco Press Inc

Welcome! Pleco Press is a new publisher of books about aquariums, tropical fish, and the fishkeeping hobby.

    Rogers, AR   US

Resource Publicatons

Church of Christ affiliated publishing company focusing on Bible commentaries.

    Searcy, AR   US

River's Edge Media

River's Edge Media is committed to publishing quality works from promising writers, whether established or yet to be discovered.

    Little Rock, AR   US

Touchpoint Press

TouchPoint Press, a traditional royalty paying publisher of digital and print fiction and nonfiction, strives to be innovative and energetic in all we do from acquisitions to promotion before and after publication.

    Brookland, AR   US

University of Arkansas Press

The University of Arkansas Press was founded in 1980 as the book publishing division of the University of Arkansas. A member of the Association of American University Presses, it publishes approximately twenty titles a year, about a third of which fall under the general heading of Arkansas and Regional Studies.

    Fayetteville, AR   US

Variance Publishing

Variance Publishing Company - A publisher of fine fiction in the genres of action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

    Cabot, AR   US

Wighita Press

Wighita Press is committed to publishing high quality works that offer help to troubled children, adolescents and adults in a way that identifies with their situations. As such Wighita Press publishes books that are empathic while still dealing with the issues that self-help "how to" books and psychology / psychotherapy textbooks seek to address.

    Little Rock, AR   US

Yard Dog Press

A privately owned micro-press publishing off-beat fiction.

    Alma, AR   US