Book Publishers in Vermont

Annotated list of book publishers in Vermont.

Animal Heart Press

Animal Heart Press was born out of a desire to make a difference in the world of poetry. The press is fiercely feminist, and we’re interested in lifting up feminist voices, and those who support them. AHP doesn’t care if you have an MFA, or if you didn’t finish high school – if you’re a good poet, that’s what counts. We love seeing people who do the work – who take on feedback, read widely, and make a serious attempt to better their writing. These are our kind of people.

    Thetford Ctr., VT   US


Over the past 45 years, Ashgate has grown to become one of the world's leading publishing houses. We understand the value of academic research and scholarship, and we are proud of our responsiveness, flexibility, independence and global reach. Our business is driven by a programme of cutting-edge research publications and specialist reference books. All books published within the Ashgate list are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field and we strive to work with our authors to make the experience of writing or editing a book as satisfying as possible. We publish over 800 titles a year in Humanities and Social Science subject areas, we have well-established reprint Reference series, and we are the publishers of the highly regarded Variorum series. Over 75% of our titles are published simultaneously in print and ebook editions.

    Burlington, VT   US

Chelsea Green Publishing

For 26 years, Chelsea Green has been the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living.

    White River Jct., VT   US

Countryman Press

We publish about 70 books per year and currently have more than 350 books in print. The subjects of our books include travel, food, gardening, country living, nature, New England history, and crafts.

    Woodstock, VT   US

Green Writers Press

Green Writers Press is a vibrant Vermont publishing company, founded with the mission to help spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images we publish and to help facilitate the gift of words, through books and media, to help foster a sustainable environment.

    West Brattleboro, VT   US

Inner Traditions

Books on Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics-particularly works that draw from the world's spiritual traditions.

    Rochester, VT   US

Jewish Lights Publishing

Jewish Lights seeks out materials about the unity and community of the Jewish People and the relevance of Judaism to everyday life. With hundreds of titles that showcase a variety of perspectives, our mission is to engage, stimulate, and inspire conversation within both the Jewish community and also within individuals of other faiths and traditions. Jewish Lights Publishing was sold to Turner Publishing in June 2016. Under the new owners the imprint will publish 20-30 titles per year.

    Woodstock, VT   US

Lake Champlain Publishing Co

New York to Montreal and Quebec City, this publisher offers books, atlases, and sailing charts for the Northeast's historic inland waterway.

    North Ferrisburgh, VT   US

Merriam Press

Merriam Press specializes in publishing World War II (WW2, WWII) and military history books, memoirs, journals, PDFs, eBooks, and photographs, and is now publishing some historical fiction as well as non-military history and other topics.

    Bennington, VT   US

Rabbit Ears Entertainment, LLC

Award-winning family entertainment, classic stories told by Hollywood stars with original music by top musicians. Available in DVD and hard cover.

    South Burlington, VT   US

Radiant Hen Publishing

The mission of Radiant Hen is to publish books for children and adults that encourage good citizenship, encourage kindness to all living things, encourage environmental awareness and debate, raise awareness of Vermont places and people for Vermont children, and raise awareness of where food comes from and sustainable agriculture.

    Orleans, VT   US

Ripple Grove Press

Ripple Grove Press is an independent children's picture book publishing company. Our mission is to surround ourselves with great writers and talented illustrators to make the best and most beautiful book possible.

    Shelburne, VT   US

Schenkman Books

Schenkman Books specializes in publishing scholarly monographs for the academic community. For almost fifty years we have brought revolutionary works to the public to fuel discourse on important issues. It is our hope that the material we make available contributes to the efforts toward peace and humanitarianism throughout the world.

    Rochester, VT   US

Tarpaulin Sky Press

Tarpaulin Sky Press was founded in 2006 with the intent of bringing out new books by contributors to Tarpaulin Sky Literary Journal. Now, via open reading periods, we are also publishing books by writers who are new to us.

    Grafton, VT   US

Trafalgar Square Books

A small, privately-owned publisher of fine equestrian books, craft books and other titles. Already in the book business since 1972 as a US distributor of British books, Trafalgar Square chose 1985 to publish its first original book — Centered Riding by Sally Swift — and it remains one of the best-selling horse books of all time. This first book led to many more equestrian books, which continue to be a hallmark for the company today. In 1990, Trafalgar Square ventured into publishing books in a few other key niches: needlecrafts, mosaics, pets, and the occasional performing arts title. Please explore this site to discover our wide range of craft books and a handful of other intriguing titles.

    North Pomfret, VT   US

Tuttle Publishing

Tuttle is regarded as the premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture. We span many diverse categories and topics and are always in search of talent to become part of our elite team. Since 1948 Tuttle Publishing has given the world access to the cultures, visual arts, cuisines, languages, and literatures of Asia through the pages of our award-winning books.

    North Clarendon, VT   US

Upper Access Publishing

Upper Access publishes nonfiction books to improve the quality of life. They publish only a few new titles each year with a focus on quality.

    Hinesburg, VT   US

Van Velzer Press

We specialize in books about Americana: They can be true tales (fact is often stranger and more interesting than fiction), alternate history, memoirs, or surprise us. They all have to be net positive; gritty scenes are fine – yet the overall message, theme or focus of your book must advance the spirit of humanity.

    Brandon, VT   US