Australasian Horror Writers Association

The Australasian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2003. The AHWA provides a community and unified voice for Australasian writers of dark fiction, fostering the evolution of the genre within Australia.

AHWA is the first point of reference for writers and fans of the dark side of literature in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. AHWA spreads the acceptance and understanding of horror literature to a wider audience, and in doing so gain a greater readership for established and new writers alike.


Murrumbeena, VIC AU



The Australasian Horror Writers Association facilitates opportunities for writers to be published, offers mentor programs, critique services, competitions and giveaways, and provides opportunities to connect with other writers, publishers, artists and other key members of the community, as well as genre news on the Australian scene and links to horror-related and writing resources.

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