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Santillana USA Publishing

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2023 NW 84th Ave
Doral, FL
Phone: (800) 245-8584

Santillana USA, based in Miami, Florida, is one of twenty-two subsidiaries of Grupo Santillana, the largest educational publisher in the Spanish-speaking world. Our offices throughout Europe and Latin America collaborate to offer the very best culture and creativity from the Hispanic world. Also, our international presence has strengthened our expertise in dedication to second language education.

Our mission is to make learning and teaching English and Spanish an experience that is motivating, enriching, and effective for both teachers and students. In a collaborative effort with authors, editors, teachers, and students, we create instructional materials that meet needs of modern-day students throughout the United States.

ISBN: 1594374791

SalesRank: 314270

ISBN: 1631131885

SalesRank: 702928

ISBN: 9681904508

SalesRank: 1281616

ISBN: 1616050802

SalesRank: 793388

ISBN: 1616055804

Perfect Paperback
SalesRank: 887748

ISBN: 158105176X

SalesRank: 1082550

ISBN: 1631135546

SalesRank: 1146227

ISBN: 1616056215

SalesRank: 1096284

ISBN: 1631135449

SalesRank: 1051090

ISBN: 1581055390

SalesRank: 1343433

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