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Bold Strokes Books

648 S. Cambridge Rd, Bldg A
Johnsonville, NY 12094

Bold Strokes Books offers a diverse collection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer general and genre fiction. Our fiction includes romance, mystery/intrigue, crime, erotica, speculative fic (sci-fi/fantasy/horror), general fiction, and young adult. Since its inception in 2004, our mission has remained unchanged: to bring quality queer fiction to readers worldwide and to support committed authors in developing their craft and reaching an ever-growing community of readers via print, digital, and audio formats.

Date: 2014-11-18
Price: $16.95
SalesRank: 1485629

Date: 2019-07-16
Price: $16.95
SalesRank: 217372

Date: 2019-11-12
Price: $16.95
SalesRank: 133704

Date: 2019-03-12
Price: $16.95
SalesRank: 279460

Date: 2017-04-18
Price: $16.95
SalesRank: 812921

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