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North Dakota State University Press

NDSU Press gives voice to the prairies and plains.

We publish works of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Founded at North Dakota State University in 1950, NDSU Press exists to stimulate, coordinate, and publish interdisciplinary regional scholarship. These regions include the Red River Valley, the State of North Dakota, the plains of North America (comprising both the Great Plains of the United States and Prairies of Canada), and comparable regions of other continents. Good regional scholarship is shaped by national and international events, and by comparative studies.

The scope of NDSU Press publications is not limited by topic or discipline. The press considers manuscripts in any field of learning. The scope is defined, however, by a regional focus in accord with the press's mission. Generally, works published by the press address regional life directly, as the subject of study. Such works contribute to scholarly knowledge of region (that is, discovery of new knowledge) or to public consciousness of region (that is, dissemination of information, or interpretation of regional experience). In some, fewer instances the regional connection is one of service to a regional organization. Where regions abroad are treated, either for comparison or because of ties to those North American regions of primary concern to the Institute, the linkages should be made plain. Traditionally, the press has published substantial trade books, but the line of publications is not limited to that genre. It may also publish textbooks (at any level), reference books, anthologies, reprints, papers, proceedings, and monographs. The press will consider works of poetry or fiction, provided they are established regional classics or they promise to assume landmark or reference status for the region. Biographical or autobiographical works are evaluated carefully for their prospective contribution to regional knowledge and culture. All publications, in whatever genre, must be of such quality and substance as to embellish the imprint of NDSU Press.

In addition to publishing books on a variety of regional subjects, the press also pursues grants and contracts for research and service; public programs; survey research; oral history collections; international exchanges; and exhibits, both artistic and historical. Another well-established activity is the maintenance of research collections (manuscripts, photographs, and other materials) through its archival repository at the North Dakota State University Library.


NDSU Dept. 2360, P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND

Phone: 701-231-6848
Fax: 701-231-1047


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