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Move Books' vision is to grow and sustain boys' appetite for reading - to Move them to read for the long term.

Our mission is to cultivate a generation of boys who are recreational readers, who will choose their own books and don't have to be led. We want boys to be compelled and inspired to read on their own because the stories and experiences mean something to them. We want to change the way boys look at reading.

We hope to excite them with adventure, fantasy, mystery, and humor and give them the confidence to read more. We want boys to become emotionally invested, finding the books they love.

In addition, librarians and teachers now have a trusted source they can use to recommend boy-centered books to students and parents. Parents and grandparents will have more choices for their sons, grandsons, nephews and youths in their lives.

Focusing on middle-grade books for boys, Move Books hopes to move boys to read for the long term - one reader at a time.


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Note: Don't assume that because a publisher is listed in a genre, that your book is a good fit for their publishing program. Take the time to research the books each publisher has released to find the best matches.

Top Books from Move Books

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ISBN: 0985481080

SalesRank: 2408460

ISBN: 1732213712

SalesRank: 1276419

ISBN: 0692977368

SalesRank: 1247479

ISBN: 1732213704

SalesRank: 1694674

ISBN: 1732213755

SalesRank: 2408432

ISBN: 1733692916

SalesRank: 4393981


Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 1510124


Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 1179843

ISBN: 0985481005

SalesRank: 5707693

ISBN: 0985481048

SalesRank: 8140395

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