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B&H Publishing Group

America's oldest Bible publisher, B&H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman & Holman) features a popular variety of Bibles, commentaries, and a wide selection of Christian fiction and non-fiction titles. B&H also developed the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation and is the largest publisher of Spanish Bibles in the U.S.


127 Ninth Avenue North
MSN 114

Nashville, TN 37234



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ISBN: 1087747791

SalesRank: 523

ISBN: 1087734665

Board book
SalesRank: 5554

ISBN: 1087736951

SalesRank: 3807

ISBN: 0805474536

SalesRank: 10238

ISBN: 1462762298

Imitation Leather
SalesRank: 13921

ISBN: 1586408194

Imitation Leather
SalesRank: 20925

ISBN: 1535995734

SalesRank: 34506

ISBN: 1087753678

SalesRank: 21028

ISBN: 1433691639

Board book
SalesRank: 10707

ISBN: 1087730546

SalesRank: 32723

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