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Hierophant Publishing is a Body, Mind, and Spirit book publisher. Historically, a hierophant was an ancient Greek priest or priestess, a person who interpreted the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles of the day - a mystagogue, if you will. Our goal is to publish words that were inspired from Silence, that point beyond themselves, and in doing so, awaken the Hierophant within you.


8301 Broadway St
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San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 829-0570

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Top Books from Hierophant Publishing

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ISBN: 1938289692

SalesRank: 1704

ISBN: 1938289455

SalesRank: 9688

ISBN: 1938289366

SalesRank: 8498

ISBN: 193828982X

SalesRank: 5380

ISBN: 1938289102

SalesRank: 61390

ISBN: 1950253082

SalesRank: 70341

ISBN: 1938289870

SalesRank: 38815

ISBN: 1938289463

SalesRank: 55903

ISBN: 1938289846

SalesRank: 67806

ISBN: B09FS3888Z

Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 65490

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