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New City Press is one of more than 20 publishing houses of the Focolare Movement. The mission of New City Press is to develop and promote the Focolare's vision that all people are part of the one human family. It publishes both scholarly and popular works that attempt to foster a greater unity in the world. Our books explore theological foundations for faith and spirituality, ecumenical and interreligious initiatives, and connections between religion and human identity, relationships, and culture. They also aim at being practical tools that share real-world examples of how people put the gospel into practice.


202 Comforter Blvd
Hyde Park, NY

Phone: (845) 229-0335


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Top Books from New City Press

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ISBN: 1565481542

Mass Market Paperback
SalesRank: 7894

ISBN: 1565484460

SalesRank: 56493

ISBN: 156548455X

SalesRank: 120710

ISBN: 156548049X

SalesRank: 235338

ISBN: 1565484819

SalesRank: 207485

ISBN: 1565481100

SalesRank: 635555

ISBN: 1565485491

SalesRank: 75382

ISBN: 1565484851

SalesRank: 207092

ISBN: 1565482980

SalesRank: 431441

ISBN: 1565482395

SalesRank: 509219

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