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Rourke Educational Media LLC has been publishing eye-catching, engaging nonfiction children's books complying with national curriculum standards since 1980. Now, Rourke Educational Media offers cutting-edge software delivery of science, social studies and other classroom programs. Parents working with their children at home can now find Rourke's products in the retail market as well. In addition, Rourke also partners with leading educational and retail publishers to license and develop global educational programs.


1701 Highway A1a # 300
Vero Beach, FL

Phone: (772) 234-6001
Fax: (772) 234-6622

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Top Books from Rourke Publishing

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Audible Audiobook
SalesRank: 224256

ISBN: 1617419362

SalesRank: 485998

ISBN: 1615902716

Library Binding
SalesRank: 1620248

ISBN: 1595151621

Library Binding
SalesRank: 2145686

ISBN: 1559162473

Library Binding
SalesRank: 2041423

ISBN: 1589523040

SalesRank: 1585575

ISBN: 0865931712

Library Binding
SalesRank: 1804491

ISBN: 0865933537

Library Binding
SalesRank: 2852379

ISBN: 0866253939

Library Binding
SalesRank: 1869967

ISBN: 1618102249

SalesRank: 1599074

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