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Tilbury House is an independent publishing company founded forty years ago as the Harpswell Press, publishing Maine books. We grew slowly, adding some children's books, and in 1990 merged with another small publisher, the Dog Ear Press, to become Tilbury House, Publishers. Our children’s book division became a major emphasis with the publication of Talking Walls in the early 1990s, and since then we have continued to publish award-winning children’s picture books about cultural diversity, social justice, nature, and the environment.


12 Starr Street
Thomaston, ME

Phone: (207) 582-1899

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ISBN: 088448890X

SalesRank: 10832

ISBN: 0884484904

SalesRank: 30519

ISBN: 0884484319

SalesRank: 227676

ISBN: 0884485544

SalesRank: 56789

ISBN: 0884487601

SalesRank: 70965

ISBN: 0884487547

SalesRank: 293414

ISBN: 0884481921

SalesRank: 126212

ISBN: 0884483770

SalesRank: 353315

ISBN: 0884483495

SalesRank: 409649

ISBN: 0884486524

SalesRank: 206398

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