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Started in 1981, Torah Aura Productions is one of the world's most innovative creators of educational Judaica. We have produced animated segments on the weekly Torah Portion (Torah-Toons), the Weekly Torah Fax (Learn Torah With...) engaging values programs (You Be the Judge) and Talmud with Training Wheels--the most creative series on ancient texts ever produced.

Since its inception Torah Aura Productions has found and produced innovative solutions to Jewish Educational problems. It has a reputation of producing both high quality and unique resources.


2710 Supply Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (323) 585-1847
Fax: 323-585-0327


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ISBN: 1891662406

SalesRank: 661833

ISBN: 1891662597

SalesRank: 626117

ISBN: 1891662163

SalesRank: 633203

ISBN: 1934527882

SalesRank: 2219622

ISBN: 1934527122

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SalesRank: 1460364

ISBN: 1891662244

SalesRank: 1845426

ISBN: 1891662945

SalesRank: 1730142

ISBN: 0933873352

SalesRank: 1842342

ISBN: 0933873557

SalesRank: 4189249

ISBN: 1891662899

SalesRank: 3613319

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