The US publishing arm of Casemate is one of the leading publishers in the fields of military history, defense studies, and military science worldwide. In the spring of 2015 Casemate UK launched its own imprint focusing on British and European military history. Complementing the Group's well established US publishing output, the imprint's first books have included a ground-breaking study of the Battle of Britain, a fresh and original look at the role of the Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo, and a thrilling account of one of the greatest gold snatches in history during the German invasion of Norway.


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ISBN: 1636242502

SalesRank: 24775

ISBN: 1636240844

SalesRank: 58617

ISBN: 1636242340

SalesRank: 85818

ISBN: 1636241239

SalesRank: 69307

ISBN: 1636243231

SalesRank: 117967

ISBN: 1612005942

Mass Market Paperback
SalesRank: 46777


Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 72190

ISBN: 163624355X

SalesRank: 388241

ISBN: 1636242111

SalesRank: 72222

ISBN: 1636243657

SalesRank: 363695

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