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Kane Miller Books specializes in award-winning children's books from around the world. Our books bring the children of the world closer to each other, sharing stories and ideas, while exploring cultural differences and similarities.


4901 Morena Blvd Ste 213
San Diego, CA
US 92117

Phone: (858) 456-0540
Fax: (858) 456-9641

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Top Books from Kane/Miller Book Publishers

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ISBN: 161067362X

Board book
SalesRank: 8324

ISBN: 1610674650

SalesRank: 14375

ISBN: 1610673700

SalesRank: 27549

ISBN: 1684640393

Board book
SalesRank: 42340

ISBN: 1684642884

SalesRank: 63356

ISBN: 1684642221

Board book
SalesRank: 40003

ISBN: 1610674669

SalesRank: 43608

ISBN: 1610677978

Board book
SalesRank: 45993

ISBN: 1684643104

Board book
SalesRank: 44442

ISBN: 1610673697

SalesRank: 66815

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