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The Mad Duck Coalition publishing house is a haven for the intellectually curious. A flock of brave mad men and women, we are interested in unique ideas, excellent observations, and engaging prose. We place authorial integrity, intellectual rigor, and passionate pursuits above all else. This is the Mad Duck Coalition, where exceptional and pioneering people take flight.

Big Ripple Books: Big Ripple Books is The Mad Duck Coalition’s first imprint. As such, it is the nesting place for quality prose narratives, fiction and non-fiction. Memoirs, experiments, and bona fide literature, you’ll find the best duckin’ stuff here.

Bottoms Up Journal: In The Weeds Provocations is the first half of The Mad Duck Coalition’s academic imprints for leading academic vanguards, excuse us, avant-gardes: the heart and soul of intellectual Academia! Books and tomes—all transparently peer reviewed—fit to be the one stop shop for all your research needs!

Flights of Fancy Publications: Flights of Fancy Publications is The Mad Duck Coalition’s speculative imprint. Cozy up to the fire and let these engaging, smart genre stories fly you someplace else. Mind you, they’re not necessarily pretty places to visit, but you will enjoy the flight. the flight.


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