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Amar Chitra Katha has over 350 different titles spanning a range of genres. From mystical stories of gods and goddesses to heroic stories from Indian history, from the wisdom of folktales and fables to the richness of classical literature, our books have something for everyone.

Our Vision To acquaint every child with his heritage so that when he steps out into the world, he can imbibe the wealth of diverse cultures without losing sight of his own identity. With identity comes awareness, and with awareness comes self-esteem.


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ISBN: 8190599011

SalesRank: 181991

ISBN: 8184820712

SalesRank: 168455

ISBN: 8184820089

SalesRank: 206244

ISBN: 8184820321

SalesRank: 368201

ISBN: 9386458667

SalesRank: 608073

ISBN: 8184820720

SalesRank: 256282

ISBN: 9350855097

SalesRank: 1252857

ISBN: 8189999230

SalesRank: 580269

ISBN: 8184822235

SalesRank: 906355

ISBN: 8189999273

SalesRank: 558823

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