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Free Spirit Publishing is known for its unique understanding of what kids want (and need) to navigate life successfully. Our reputation as the leading publisher of Self-Help for Kids and Self-Help for Teens is grounded in books and other learning materials that are practical, positive, pro-kid, and solution focused. We're not afraid to tackle tough topics such as teen depression, kids and anxiety, grief and loss, juvenile justice, and conflict resolution.


217 5th Ave N # 200
Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 338-2068

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Top Books from Free Spirit Publishing

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ISBN: 1575421283

Board book
SalesRank: 854

ISBN: 157542200X

Board book
SalesRank: 562


SalesRank: 79047

ISBN: 1575422964

Board book
SalesRank: 6388

ISBN: 1575422336

SalesRank: 18272

ISBN: 1575421801

Board book
SalesRank: 12944

ISBN: 1575422115

SalesRank: 47788

ISBN: 1575421585

Board book
SalesRank: 6260

ISBN: 1631983857

SalesRank: 82045

ISBN: 1575422573

Board book
SalesRank: 5721

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