Georgia Writers Association

The Georgia Writers Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is dedicated to encouraging and promoting writers throughout Georgia. Monthly writers workshops offer writers the opportunity to hear from successful, published writers and learn from their experiences. The monthly newsletter, The Georgia Authority, contains information about current writers events around Georgia, and includes articles designed to educate, encourage, or entertain our readership. The Georgia Author of the Year Awards and the Red Clay Writers Conference are two annual events hosted by the Georgia Writers Association.


Kennesaw, GA US


Members get access to:
free registrations to developmental and writing centered workshops;
access to pre-recorded workshops,
Access to in-depth writing worksheets and prompts;
discounts to join writing classes;
a free subscription to our substack newsletter;
discount to our Red Clay Writers Conference
access to a private community of writers
access to the Fine Arts Work Center Scholarship.

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