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Green Dragon Books

Welcome to Green Dragon Books, a new company for the 21st century. The company, originally called Humanics Publishing, was founded and has been continuously publishing since 1969, making it one of the oldest publishing houses in the Southeastern United States.

Initially based in Atlanta, Georgia, the first titles were developed in response to the need from the education community for quality classroom materials to support parents as the prime educators of their children.

In the mid-1980s, the company expanded its focus to include titles specializing in personal development, philosophy, and management. Moving into the 21st century, the range of topics now includes health, religion, science, mysteries, children's books, finance, and politics. Green Dragon published the best-selling book, The Tao of Leadership, by John Heider.

Our mission is to develop authors and their works deemed successful and contribute to the knowledge base on the planet. Our books take their place promptly in the mainstream of contemporary publishing. We are always seeking new authors in areas of child development, Eastern philosophy, human potential, and mystery; these are some of the many areas we have demonstrated our expertise.


2875 S Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL

Phone: (561) 533-6231
Fax: (561) 533-6233

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ISBN: 1623860199

SalesRank: 283534


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SalesRank: 264402


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SalesRank: 683001


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SalesRank: 985507

ISBN: 0893342157

SalesRank: 3075067

ISBN: 1623860172

SalesRank: 612427

ISBN: 1623860490

SalesRank: 3469103

ISBN: 1623860520

SalesRank: 3062029

ISBN: 1623860245

SalesRank: 2570034

ISBN: 0893343528

SalesRank: 4261544

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