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Cognizant Communication Corp

P.O. Box 37
Putnam Valley, NY
Phone: (845) 603-6440
Fax: (845) 603-6442

For more than 19 years, Cognizant Communication Corporation has been publishing information products in multimedia formats serving the scientific, technical, medical, business and tourism research communities worldwide. Publications are aimed at undergraduates and graduates in both academic and professional programs with additional focus on professionals in the field.

Date: 2005-09-07
Price: $84.50
SalesRank: 729756

Date: 2013-04-01
Price: $125.00
SalesRank: 2118771

Date: 2003-06
Price: $38.00
SalesRank: 4482526

Date: 2001-03
Price: $34.75
SalesRank: 4324771

Date: 1997-07
Price: $31.00
SalesRank: 4663901

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