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Since 1975, Meadowbrook has grown to become one of the leading publishers of books sold nationally through bookstores and other retail outlets. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Meadowbrook Press takes great pride in the ability to edit, design, and promote books so they achieve their full commercial potential. We specialize in pregnancy, childcare, children's poetry, juvenile novels, children's activities, party planning, and adult humor. We are also the number one publisher of baby name books in the country, with six baby-naming books in print and total sales of over eleven million copies.


6110 Blue Circle Driv
Suite 237

Minnetonka, MN

Phone: (952) 930-1100
Fax: (952) 930-1940

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Top Books from Meadowbrook Press

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ISBN: 0671316338

SalesRank: 108935

ISBN: 0671677438

SalesRank: 96343

ISBN: 1501148567

SalesRank: 322817

ISBN: 0684039990

SalesRank: 519019

ISBN: 067174769X

SalesRank: 312227

ISBN: 0684018721

SalesRank: 255756

ISBN: 1481412310

SalesRank: 474383

ISBN: 0671677403

SalesRank: 757087

ISBN: 1501112732

SalesRank: 1298888

ISBN: 0671521268

SalesRank: 591945

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