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A small, privately-owned publisher of fine equestrian books, craft books and other titles. Already in the book business since 1972 as a US distributor of British books, Trafalgar Square chose 1985 to publish its first original book — Centered Riding by Sally Swift — and it remains one of the best-selling horse books of all time. This first book led to many more equestrian books, which continue to be a hallmark for the company today. In 1990, Trafalgar Square ventured into publishing books in a few other key niches: needlecrafts, mosaics, pets, and the occasional performing arts title. Please explore this site to discover our wide range of craft books and a handful of other intriguing titles.


388 Howe Hill Rd
North Pomfret, VT

Phone: (802) 457-1911
Fax: (802) 457-1913

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Top Books from Trafalgar Square Books

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ISBN: 1570769486

SalesRank: 11112

ISBN: 1646010418

SalesRank: 15561

ISBN: 1570768676

SalesRank: 35412

ISBN: 1570767327

SalesRank: 104318

ISBN: 1570769389

SalesRank: 43888

ISBN: 1570764727

SalesRank: 22142

ISBN: 1646011651

SalesRank: 65943

ISBN: 1570767548

SalesRank: 107715

ISBN: 1570767513

SalesRank: 87949

ISBN: 1646010582

SalesRank: 90874

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