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Exisle Publishing is an independent publisher of original Australian & New Zealand titles. Exisle produces the kind of books that the very big publishers do not. Exisle is more concerned about long-lasting quality and sales which continue, than just being in today's bestsellers list. Not that we mind bestsellers, and we have a few most years, but what we really like to do is find a great subject and have it written about properly by a real expert, support them with a brilliant designer and a top editor and take the book to market.


230 Narone Creek Road
Wollombi, NSW

Phone: (+61) (0)2 4998 3327
Fax: (+61) (0)2 4998 3347

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Top Books from Exisle Publishing

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ISBN: 1925335534

SalesRank: 37718

ISBN: 1925820653

SalesRank: 223288

ISBN: 1921966467

SalesRank: 85003

ISBN: 1925335194

SalesRank: 193920

ISBN: 192582022X

SalesRank: 324410

ISBN: 192149798X

SalesRank: 722587

ISBN: 1922539058

SalesRank: 309598

ISBN: 1925335909

SalesRank: 66041

ISBN: 1925820343

SalesRank: 450332

ISBN: 1925335097

SalesRank: 894968

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