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Red Deer Press publishes upscale children's picture books, including illustrated children's Aboriginal titles, contemporary juvenile and young-adult fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction.

We produce creative and contemporary books by enlisting a balance of established and emerging authors and illustrators guided by a production team of expert editors, designers and production personnel. We enlist publishing talent from across Canada, publish to the national and international markets, and continually strive to creatively promote and market our books.


195 Allstate Parkway
Markham, ON
CA L3R 4T8

Phone: 905-477-9700
Fax: 905-477-9179

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Top Books from Red Deer Press

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ISBN: 0889956464

SalesRank: 453358

ISBN: 0889957312

SalesRank: 1581923

ISBN: 0889956405

SalesRank: 1146475

ISBN: 0889954445

SalesRank: 282444

ISBN: B07F86CQ56

Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 2059435

ISBN: 0889957274

SalesRank: 2256692

ISBN: 0889957231

SalesRank: 1773495

ISBN: 0889954143

SalesRank: 357742

ISBN: 0889954275

SalesRank: 865851

ISBN: 0889955352

SalesRank: 505916

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