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Alice James Books was named after Alice James when the press was founded in 1973 by five women and two men in Boston, Ma. The goal was to establish a press that gave voice to women poets. The vision to support women writers is carried out today, though the press still publishes men and also seeks to publish a broad range of voices from the poetry community. Follow the links in the drop down menu under “about” to learn more!


114 Prescott St.
Farmington, ME 04938

Phone: 207-778-7071
Fax: 207-778-7766

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ISBN: 1938584678

SalesRank: 291976

ISBN: 1938584996

SalesRank: 376928

ISBN: 1948579235

SalesRank: 148299

ISBN: 1948579219

SalesRank: 55104

ISBN: 1882295552

SalesRank: 140199

ISBN: 1948579308

SalesRank: 162116

ISBN: 0914086421

SalesRank: 800241

ISBN: 1948579278

SalesRank: 650945

ISBN: 1948579030

SalesRank: 182578

ISBN: 1938584163

SalesRank: 613666

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