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Autonomous Press publishes both fiction and nonfiction. Scholarly or journalistic works, novels, anthologies, memoirs, poetry, drama - we'll consider any genre, and we love innovative hybrid works that defy traditional genre categories.

We're especially interested in publishing authors whose voices are generally marginalized by the mainstream. Authors who are neurodivergent, queer, transgender, mad, disabled, racialised, presently or formerly homeless or incarcerated. Authors doing work so radical, in some way or another, that conventional academic or literary publishers are scared to touch it. We want to amplify the sort of voices that are too often silenced in the dominant culture.


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Fort Worth, TX 76114



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ISBN: 1945955260

SalesRank: 161734

ISBN: 0986183504

SalesRank: 1774990

ISBN: 0997297174

SalesRank: 1385289

ISBN: 0986183563

SalesRank: 1385014

ISBN: B08263JH7M

Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 1488588


Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 1197771

ISBN: B076H5JW97

Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 1467746

ISBN: 1945955104

SalesRank: 2373300

ISBN: 0986183512

SalesRank: 2839348

ISBN: 1945955244

SalesRank: 5177910

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