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Health Professions Press publishes high-quality, evidence-based resources of lasting value for health care professionals, researchers, students, and families. Recognized particularly for its titles in Alzheimer's care, HPP has been dedicated since 1989 to advancing physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. Our award-winning books and other media span the fields of aging, long-term and acute care, rehabilitation, allied health, social work, psychology, and nursing. Partnering with our authors, HPP develops products and services that promote compassionate and holistic care, improve organizational leadership, foster more rewarding and satisfying care experiences, broaden professional knowledge, and preserve the individual dignity of those served.


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ISBN: 1938870891

SalesRank: 563292

ISBN: 1938870573

SalesRank: 212983

ISBN: 1938870905

SalesRank: 997193

ISBN: 1932529969

SalesRank: 759964

ISBN: 1932529934

SalesRank: 588551

ISBN: 1932529438

SalesRank: 772156


Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 739583

ISBN: 1938870468

SalesRank: 524407

ISBN: 1878812882

SalesRank: 350086

ISBN: 1932529268

SalesRank: 366606

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