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Founded in 1949, Sterling Publishing is one of the world's leading publishers of non-fiction books. We are unique in that we have the reach of the major publishers yet the passion & creativity of an independent press.


1166 Avenue of the Americas
Floor 17

New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 532-7160
Fax: (212) 213-2495

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Note: Don't assume that because a publisher is listed in a genre, that your book is a good fit for their publishing program. Take the time to research the books each publisher has released to find the best matches.

Top Books from Sterling Publishing

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ISBN: 1454946490

Product Bundle
SalesRank: 12210

ISBN: 1454943343

SalesRank: 225976

ISBN: 1782747052

SalesRank: 53576

ISBN: 1454926309

Card Book
SalesRank: 62342

ISBN: 1849942994

SalesRank: 148750

ISBN: 1402714599

SalesRank: 83490

ISBN: 1936096137

SalesRank: 122727

ISBN: 1402725345

SalesRank: 127029

ISBN: 1402735979

SalesRank: 148859

ISBN: 0806998075

SalesRank: 106193

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