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St. Augustine's Press publishes outstanding scholarly works in the fields of philosophy, theology, and cultural and intellectual history. These works include both new titles, new translations of works published in other languages, and reprints of out-of-print titles. Our mission is to offer exceptional works that draw from, exhibit, and advance Western civilization and particularly the traditional Judeo-Christian roots of that civilization. Toward that end, we focus our attention on the timeless work over the timely, the classic over the atypical, the orthodox over the heterodox.


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South Bend, IN 46680-2285

Phone: (574) 291-3500

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ISBN: 1587318083

SalesRank: 134413

ISBN: 193663936X

SalesRank: 57195

ISBN: 1587315157

SalesRank: 279114

ISBN: 1587317087

SalesRank: 71511

ISBN: 1890318337

SalesRank: 312918

ISBN: 1587313189

SalesRank: 81254

ISBN: 1587314525

SalesRank: 79186

ISBN: 1587314320

SalesRank: 627077

ISBN: 1587313588

SalesRank: 193053

ISBN: 1587312336

SalesRank: 145643

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