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The Story Plant was founded in 2008 by two long-term industry professionals, Lou Aronica and Peter Miller. From the start, the company has been dedicated to publishing quality fiction and to developing authors. Though we're always trying to improve, we feel that we've delivered on both. Our books regularly receive rave reviews and since our launch, nearly a third of our novels have appeared in the top 100 of one major bestseller list or another – and often several at once.

In 2013, The Story Plant was acquired by Studio Digital CT, LLC, a limited liability company headed by Lou Aronica. With this, Mitchell Maxwell came on board to add his unparalleled blend of creativity, passion, and business acumen. The house is currently in the process of the most aggressive expansion in its history.


83 Morgan St
Stamford, CT 06905-5434

Phone: (203) 353-9481


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ISBN: 1611883431

SalesRank: 5179

ISBN: 1611883350

SalesRank: 1001572

ISBN: 1611882052

SalesRank: 1191830

ISBN: 1611882524

SalesRank: 1244976

ISBN: 1611883121

SalesRank: 288348

ISBN: 1611882699

SalesRank: 1102405

ISBN: 1611880637

SalesRank: 1037917


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SalesRank: 262372

ISBN: 1611882990

SalesRank: 1520048

ISBN: 1611882362

SalesRank: 1623224

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