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Founded in 1883, IP's singular mission continues to be the acquisition, development and sustained publication of technical books and references that strive for success in industrial education as they aid pragmatic day-day operations across all manufacturing disciplines. Our books enjoy broad popularity in trade schools and college classrooms as well as on factory and shop floors around the world.

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Top Books from Industrial Press

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ISBN: 0831137312

SalesRank: 19713

ISBN: 0831144319

SalesRank: 105316

ISBN: 0831136472

SalesRank: 294973

ISBN: 0831133473

SalesRank: 114605

ISBN: 0831130792

SalesRank: 467019

ISBN: 0831143312

SalesRank: 211918

ISBN: 0831136146

SalesRank: 139675

ISBN: 0831130199

SalesRank: 120459

ISBN: 0831131462

SalesRank: 136418

ISBN: 0831131578

SalesRank: 136347

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