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At Favorite World Press, we believe that one of the best ways to help change the world is to start small. Our primary mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire young readers with books that focus on nature, wildlife, green living, and compassionate action. FWP titles are specifically chosen to encourage creativity, critical thinking, and the confidence to show caring. By fostering an appreciation for the wild and the wondrous and an understanding of the importance of being kind towards both people and the planet, we aim to help shape the next generation of brave, big-hearted, planetary stewards. We help shape them - they help shape the world!


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ISBN: 1948751216

SalesRank: 1086271

ISBN: 1948751011

SalesRank: 1522781

ISBN: 1948751038

SalesRank: 1987036

ISBN: 1948751089

SalesRank: 866553

ISBN: 1948751054

SalesRank: 1632851

ISBN: 1948751070

SalesRank: 874233

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