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Telos Publishing is a small, independent, UK-based press established by David J Howe and Stephen James Walker in October 2000. The name comes from that of the fictional planet Telos from the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The company’s first publication came in 2001 with a horror anthology based on the television series Urban Gothic.

Since being formed, the company has published a wide variety of works, including an acclaimed range of original novellas based on Doctor Who; the Time Hunter novellas series; authoritative guide books on many cult TV and film subjects; and original and reissue fiction in several different genres, including horror, dark fantasy, crime and romance. Starburst magazine called Telos Publishing “perhaps the UK’s best-known independent publishers of Doctor Who books.”


139 Whitstable Road

Kent, England CT2 8EQ



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Top Books from Telos Publishing

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ISBN: 1845831969

SalesRank: 128569

ISBN: 0914386492

SalesRank: 394208

ISBN: 0914386522

SalesRank: 246390

ISBN: 0914386301

SalesRank: 206219

ISBN: 0914386409

SalesRank: 93279

ISBN: 1845839560

SalesRank: 714447

ISBN: 1845831993

SalesRank: 629019

ISBN: 0914386336

SalesRank: 838565

ISBN: B00D0V22O8

Kindle Edition
SalesRank: 309658

ISBN: 0914386735

SalesRank: 978665

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