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Company's Coming is the publisher of Canada's most popular cookbooks and now publishes a series of craft books and organizers. Founded in 1981, the Company's Coming series comprises over 200 cookbooks, each on a single subject. It was acquired by Lone Pine Publishing in 2011.


2311 - 96 Street
Edmonton, AB

Phone: 780-450-6223
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Top Books from Company's Coming Pub

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ISBN: 1895455308

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 915962

ISBN: 1895455987

SalesRank: 1628999

ISBN: 1895455332

SalesRank: 1634329

ISBN: 1927126282

SalesRank: 2422351

ISBN: 1895455693

SalesRank: 2446797

ISBN: 1896891241

SalesRank: 2582997

ISBN: 1896891802

Plastic Comb
SalesRank: 2748816

ISBN: 096933222X

SalesRank: 2586978

ISBN: 0969332262

SalesRank: 3447473

ISBN: 189545526X

SalesRank: 3666599

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